Private bike tour Split

Duration: 3h
Location: Split
Departure: Golden Gate
Price: on request

Private Bike tour Split. It doesn’t take nerves of steel to cycle through Split downtown. Although it’s the second biggest city in Croatia, Split is rather small by western standards. It is located on the shoreline of the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and our tour mainly takes place by the sea. While on private bike tour Split we will visit Split beaches, harbor, park-forest Marjan and the ancient Diocletian’s palace – one of the best-preserved monuments of the Roman architecture in the world. Although very ancient, this formal royal residence is bursting with life.

private bike tour

Around 3000 people live on the territory of Diocletian’s palace today. If the Diocletian’s palace is a heart of Split, park-forest Marjan is its soul. It is the best place to enjoy a glorious sunset over the beautiful Adriatic sea. If you are looking to stretch those leg muscles look no further, (Split by bike) is the best adventure you could get! A private guide will take you on a tour around Split that will fit your interests and pedaling tempo

Wherever you want / Whenever you want / However ling you want


  • Perfect activity for family, couples or a group of friends
  • Small group biking tour in Split (length will fit your needs and physical) condition
  • You will have free time to relax on a secluded beach where you can also snorkel and/or go cliff climbing and cliff jumping

Breathtaking views of Split’s coastline will stick into your memory of Split

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